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Friday Prayer Begins At ICH

As Salaamu Alaykum, In an effort to maintain a safe environment in compliance with state/local regulations, the Islamic Center of Hawthorne will be holding 3 Jumu’ah prayers this Friday. All attendees must sign-up for the Jumu’ah that they will be attending (each jum’uah will have a maximum capacity of 100…

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Weekly Online Programs

From Sunday Nov 1, 2020 Weekly Online Programs On WEBEX MEET  Log-in  as below Daily 6:15 AM: Qur’an Halaqa Monday 8:00 PM: Night Talk Tuesday 8:00 PM: Qur’an Tafseer by Sh. Hamdy Sadek Thursday 12:00 PM :Women Lecture by Sh. Hamdy Sadek Thursday 8:00 PM: Night Talk Friday 8:00 PM:…

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Ramadan Quiz-Contest

Qur’an Memorization TESTING WILL BE ON ZOOM  AS FOLLOWS…………… Install zoom app on your smart devices, laptop etc and stay tuned to be contacted on the day of your test! 1) Pre-K, KG, 1st Grade (as a group) on 20 Ramadan, Wed May 13, 3:30 pm to 5 pm 2)…

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Welcome to Islam

Islamic Center of Hawthorne Presents Islam 101 Free class from your home Learn the Basics of Islam, New Muslim With Br. Shakeel Syed Every Sunday 12 pm – 1 pm Join us Virtually via Webex Go to WEBEX https://ichla.webex.com/ichla/k2/j.php?MTID=tdd7da3ab6b0d8bf411b6e13252c9fd0c 2. Enter your name and email address (Use your real full name–Never…

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About Islam

About Islam Islam is a faith and comprehensive way of life that literally means ‘peace through submission to God.’ It provides a clear understanding of a person’s relationship with God, purpose in life, and ultimate destiny. A Muslim is someone who adopts the Islamic way of life by believing in the Oneness…

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